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I’m an equine and equestrian photographer and horse lover/rider based in Northeast Florida (St. Augustine area) providing professional photography services to horses and their human families.  Being at ease with horses and knowing what to expect in regards to horse behavior and breed standards set me apart from other local family and event photographers. My earliest memories are of horses, especially a little brown Shetland pony named Buddy.  What I wouldn’t give to have a good picture of that special guy!  The memories I have of time spent with horses are some of the happiest in my life. Having the ability to preserve the amazing feeling, of just being with horses, for others means so much to me.  I'd love the opportunity to capture the spirit and unique nature of the horses you love in a format you can treasure forever. 


Member of the Equine Photographers Network and Professional Photographers of America.     

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Cara A. Taylor Swift