Kailey, Matt & Shadow

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Kailey and her boyfriend Matt with Kailey's beautiful horse, Shadow.  It was one of those Florida days where we were dodging the rain and then enjoying glorious moments of sunshine...so basically a typical day in Florida!  Kailey and Matt have been together seven years and if there is ever a guy that understands a girls love for her horse, it's Matt!  These three were truly a joy to photograph!  

Kendall, Hope, & Baby Tucker

I'm not sure you could get any luckier than to have your favorite mare foal a beautiful colt less than a week before your scheduled equine photography session!  Kendall, Hope and her sweet foal Tucker were an absolute joy to photograph!  Not only was Kendall stunning in her black hat (can you tell I've got hat envy?), but Tucker was full of spunk!  He raced around his mother during the session causing all kinds of magical distractions and laughter.  It's safe to say we all fell instantly in love with this little guy.  To see more portraits of Kendall, Hope, and Tucker check out the Fast Horse Photography facebook page.  Thanks!  

Brooke, James, & Ms. Tee

I just can't say enough about how adorable Brooke and Ms. Tee were together during their session.  Ms.  Tee is a barn favorite mare with all the kids at the Blue Ribbon Riding Academy and it was really wonderful getting to see how at ease and connected the two of them were together.  Little brother James, in his adorable bow tie, jumped in to a few pictures as well.  Seriously, can it get any sweeter?