Bloopers! The 5 Common Bloopers of Equine & Equestrian Photography.

I love bloopers!  I mean who doesn't right?  When working with people and horses it's inevitable that goofy moments are going to happen and I always feel lucky when I capture them.  I go back to them throughout the year as a form of blackmail...I mean entertainment, and this year I thought it might be fun to highlight some of the common bloopers common to equine and equestrian photography.  Here they are in no particular order.  Enjoy!

 1. The Classic Look-A-Like

It's a well known FACT that when humans and animals spend a bunch of time together that they start to look alike.  I mean I'm pretty sure this is documented somewhere...right?  Whether it be the same hair style, goofy expression, or maybe horse and rider just showed up wearing the same hair bows.  Additionally, it's not uncommon to ask for a smile and have the horse and their human make the same face.  A great example is Kirstin and Dash below.   I mean they nailed it!


2. The OUCH-Take

The OUCH-Take definitely qualifies as one of the most painful types of equine & equestrian photography bloopers.  This blooper can be captured when a 900 pound animal decides to step on their unsuspecting human's toe.  Need I say more?  Ouch!  A great example is of Mackenzie below.  I feel like the flowers in the background really help lighten the mood of this image though.   


3. The Repeat Offender

The Repeat Offender blooper is a little harder to come by in horse photography.  It happens when you photograph the same horse twice and they just happen to engage in the same blooper-worthy activity during both photography sessions.  Belle, the Clydesdale, has never let me down at giving me the most incredible head-shaking portraits!  I look forward to photographing her again in February where I will attempt to capture the almost impossible Three-Peat Offender!  Will I be able to make it happen?  


4. The Clown

I always tell Fast Horse Photography clients that horses can be camera hogs.  They will steal the show any chance they get and will stop at almost nothing to make sure that the photography session is all about them!  Well The Clown blooper is achieved when you have a horse that has their own idea about what they'd like to have captured by the photographer.  Take Winterhawk below.  He was tired of his person, Rachel, getting to handle all the props so he took matters into his own hands...well mouth, when he snatched her hat away and then gazed majestically into the sunset.  In this case it actually let that be a lesson to all of you that sometimes the horse is smarter than the photographer.  


5. The Naughty Photographer

The Naughty Photographer blooper happens when your photographer tries to teach your horse terrible habits when you aren't looking.  I didn't take this picture as I was the photographer dangling on the end of the sweatshirt.  This image was captured by my friend and fellow equine photographer, Phyllis Burchett of Phyllis Burchett Photo at the Powderhorn Ranch.  Heather and her horse were being good sports though and putting up with my antics. 

horse help.jpg

So there you have it!   Bloopers happen along side all the beautiful images that come from photographing horses.  I'd love to hear about the bloopers you find in your work or maybe you can share some pictures of your bloopers in action.  Maybe you've already captured the Triple-Peat!  In the meantime, there is nothing wrong with finding more reasons to laugh at this crazy life!  Stay horsey!