Mounted Archery... Because Football Is For Wimps.

It was certainly a dream come true for me to get to photograph Kirstin and her horses Crooks and Dash.  Kirstin is a mounted archer and an instructor/trainer at Ki-Lin Stables in Yulee, Florida.  We started our session photographing her favorite pony and horse of her heart, Dash.  He kept us laughing with his antics from the very beginning, but his calm nature won me over quickly and I kept finding myself wanting to run my fingers through his thick and fluffy forelock.  But, from the moment we started planning Kirstin's equine/equestrian photography session we knew we wanted to include elements to highlight her love of mounted archery.  Her bow and arrow was included in many of the images of her and her horse Crooks.  Her equine artwork has started to arrive to the Fast Horse Photography Show Room and are awaiting delivery to Kirstin and I have to say they are some of my favorite equine images I shot in 2017!