Natalie & Delilah. For The Love of Palominos!

Dream Catcher Stables is one of my favorite places to photograph young equestrians and their favorite lesson horses.  Natalie and Delilah were certainly no exception.  Natalie, her parents, and the team at Dream Catchers stables, made sure Delilah's golden coat gleamed and her tack was spotless.  They even had a beautiful soft leather halter with Delilah's name etched across a golden name plate.  Getting the opportunity to be photographed with a favorite horse doesn't happen often for most folks and they took the time to make sure that everything was perfect and it sure showed in their images!  We had beautiful sunlight and the Florida weather was just perfect for a day at the barn.  I absolutely LOVED photographing these two and can't wait to see where Natalie goes with her love of horses and horse showing.  I know their family will cherish these pictures that highlight this time in their daughters life.