Alaina and Easy Breezy. Barn Days Are The Best Days!

As a former horse crazy kid turned horse crazy old lady, I know that days at the barn are pretty much everything.  So to have the opportunity to have an equine and equestrian photography session with your favorite lesson horse is pretty much a dream come true!  I met Alaina at Dream Catcher Stables several times before getting a chance to photograph her, so I was pretty excited to get to spend some time with her and Breezy with my camera.  The lush green landscape of the stable yard coupled with mid-day sun shining through the trees worked perfect to capture some precious connection moments between Alaina and Breezy.  Alaina is a member of the Dream Catcher Stables "Dream Team" and also an active 4-H member.  I look forward to watching where this young equestrian goes from here and hopefully photographing many more of her horse related achievements.