Powderhorn Ranch, A Florida Equine Photographer in Wyoming.

On the Powderhorn you hear them say, 'We raise kids, cows and horses!'  I recently had the opportunity to visit the Powderhorn Ranch for the second time to meet with other women equine photographers to share a week of horse and equestrian photography organized by the Equine Photographers Network


Hosted by a fourth generation ranching family living a traditional ranching lifestyle, this workshop is easily one of my favorite trips I have been lucky enough to enjoy over the last couple of years.  The ranch has a cow-calf operation and a Quarter Horse breeding program nestled into the beautiful Wyoming rugged ridges and mountain peaks.  For a girl who has spent the majority of her life living in Florida I truly enjoy the landscape change and with the help of a Powderhorn Ranch hooded jacket I stayed just warm enough! 


The Quarter Horses on the ranch are true ranch horses.  I love watching them work moving horses and cattle across the vast landscape of the ranch and waiting patiently for their next job.  I even got the opportunity to do a little trail riding on a couple of these impressive horses!  The cowgirls on the ranch are some of the best horsewomen I've had the opportunity to meet.  It's a real pleasure to get to watch them at work wrangling herds and spending hours in the saddle training their horses.  


By far the best part of this experience was the time spent with fellow women equine photographers laughing and sharing in our mutual love of horses and photography.  My time at the Powderhorn Ranch is remembered with joy, freedom from my everyday life, and time spent doing what I love.  My creativity feels alive and renewed each time I visit.  I can't wait to go back next year!  The following picture of me was provided by Carien Schippers of ImagEquine, an amazing equine photographer who I admire! 

ear scratching.jpg

To see more images from my time at the Powderhorn Ranch check out the Fast Horse Photography Facebook page.  I update all the time!