NE FL Open Pleasure Horse Show Photography

NE FL Open Pleasure Horse Show Photography

St. Augustine Horse Photographer

The NE FL Open Pleasure Horse Show took place on February 19, 2018 at the St. Johns County Horse Council Equestrian Center located in Hastings, FL and Fast Horse Photography was onsite all day as the official horse show photographer!  Boy did we have fun!  The weather was GORGEOUS and typical of Florida this time of year...super foggy in the morning with the sky opening up to gorgeous warm sunshine and layers of clouds.  The smell of ShowSheen drifted on the breeze while horses called to one another from barn to arena.  

Florida Horse Photographer

The judges for the day were Brenda DeMartino and Jennifer Moshier and I often watched them give feedback and kind words to those participating in classes.  As someone who spent much of my childhood in a show ring it sure is nice to see judges supporting young equestrians this way!

This month brings us another NE FL Open Pleasure Circuit Show on March 10, 2018.  For more information you can check out the show FaceBook page!  Judges for this event will be Sandy Curl and Emily Roberts and don't forget all proceeds benefit the St. Johns County Horse Council and the St. Johns County Equestrian Center!  

Florida Equine Photographer

Images from the President's Day event can be found on the Fast Horse Photography Horse Show & Event Galleries Page.  Big thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this show a success for our equine community!  Stay horsey!