Laurie & Poco, Equine & Equestrian Photography

The beach is always such a gorgeous place to enjoy an equine portrait session!  We dream about beautiful sunrise starbursts and silhouettes but the magic of the beach is that even on a gloomy foggy day, the beach always provides a gorgeous backdrop and horses make it even better!  I have to say that Poco made the list of most favorite horses to photograph this year!  He has the calmest personality and was virtually unflappable on the beach!  The winter months are my absolute favorite time to photograph horses and their people on the beach so let's get your horse photography session scheduled today!  

Alaina and Easy Breezy. Barn Days Are The Best Days!

As a former horse crazy kid turned horse crazy old lady, I know that days at the barn are pretty much everything.  So to have the opportunity to have an equine and equestrian photography session with your favorite lesson horse is pretty much a dream come true!  I met Alaina at Dream Catcher Stables several times before getting a chance to photograph her, so I was pretty excited to get to spend some time with her and Breezy with my camera.  The lush green landscape of the stable yard coupled with mid-day sun shining through the trees worked perfect to capture some precious connection moments between Alaina and Breezy.  Alaina is a member of the Dream Catcher Stables "Dream Team" and also an active 4-H member.  I look forward to watching where this young equestrian goes from here and hopefully photographing many more of her horse related achievements.  

Kailey, Matt & Shadow

Recently, I had the opportunity to photograph Kailey and her boyfriend Matt with Kailey's beautiful horse, Shadow.  It was one of those Florida days where we were dodging the rain and then enjoying glorious moments of basically a typical day in Florida!  Kailey and Matt have been together seven years and if there is ever a guy that understands a girls love for her horse, it's Matt!  These three were truly a joy to photograph!  

Kendall, Hope, & Baby Tucker

I'm not sure you could get any luckier than to have your favorite mare foal a beautiful colt less than a week before your scheduled equine photography session!  Kendall, Hope and her sweet foal Tucker were an absolute joy to photograph!  Not only was Kendall stunning in her black hat (can you tell I've got hat envy?), but Tucker was full of spunk!  He raced around his mother during the session causing all kinds of magical distractions and laughter.  It's safe to say we all fell instantly in love with this little guy.  To see more portraits of Kendall, Hope, and Tucker check out the Fast Horse Photography facebook page.  Thanks!  

2017 Black and White Spider Awards



Ali prince.jpg

LOS ANGELES - Professional equine photographer Cara Taylor Swift (Fast Horse Photography) of the United States was presented with the 12th Annual Black and White Spider Awards Nominee title in the category of People at a prestigious Nomination & Winners PhotoShow streamed Saturday, October 14, 2017.

The live online gala was attended by over 11,000 photography fans around the globe who logged on to watch the climax of the industry's most important event for black and white photography. 12th Annual Jury members included captains of the industry from The Armory Show, New York; Christie's, London; McCann, Singapore; GQ, New York; Hot Docs Film Festival, Toronto; Y&R, Malaysia; Sharon Calahan, Pixar Animation Studios, Emeryville; Bloomsbury Auctions, London; and Donald Schneider Studios, Berlin who honored Spider Fellows with 672 coveted title awards and 1034 nominees in 31 categories.

"Spider Awards 2017 proves once again to be a great challenge for the jury to select the best images of the year. Every year this photographic competition increases its quality of content, reputation and prestige" said juror Andrea de Polo, Cultural Heritage Consultant at Fratelli Alinari Photo Archive in Florence. Curator and Arts Writer Paola Anselmi added "Congratulations to all the winners. A great deal of humanity and soul in this year's selection, maybe it is a sign of the times and a promise for future awards and photography in general."

"It's an incredible achievement to be selected among the best from the 8,121 entries we received this year" said Basil O'Brien, the awards Creative Director. "Cara's "A Gentle Hand," an exceptional image entered in the People category, represents black and white photography at its finest, and we're pleased to present her with the title of Nominee."

BLACK AND WHITE SPIDER AWARDS is the leading international award honoring excellence in black and white photography. This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers worldwide and honors the finest images with the highest achievements in black and white photography. Black & White Spider Awards

Brooke, James, & Ms. Tee

I just can't say enough about how adorable Brooke and Ms. Tee were together during their session.  Ms.  Tee is a barn favorite mare with all the kids at the Blue Ribbon Riding Academy and it was really wonderful getting to see how at ease and connected the two of them were together.  Little brother James, in his adorable bow tie, jumped in to a few pictures as well.  Seriously, can it get any sweeter?  

Taylor & Ms. Tee, Equine & Equestrian Photography

I recently had a Saturday jam packed with cuteness and horses!  Taylor and her favorite horse, Ms. Tee were the first session of the day.  What a treat it was to see the way this little girl just loved this gentle mare!  Taylor is a rides with the Blue Ribbon Riding Academy.  Below are just a few of the images from their session!  Enjoy!

Powderhorn Ranch, A Florida Equine Photographer in Wyoming.

On the Powderhorn you hear them say, 'We raise kids, cows and horses!'  I recently had the opportunity to visit the Powderhorn Ranch for the second time to meet with other women equine photographers to share a week of horse and equestrian photography organized by the Equine Photographers Network


Hosted by a fourth generation ranching family living a traditional ranching lifestyle, this workshop is easily one of my favorite trips I have been lucky enough to enjoy over the last couple of years.  The ranch has a cow-calf operation and a Quarter Horse breeding program nestled into the beautiful Wyoming rugged ridges and mountain peaks.  For a girl who has spent the majority of her life living in Florida I truly enjoy the landscape change and with the help of a Powderhorn Ranch hooded jacket I stayed just warm enough! 


The Quarter Horses on the ranch are true ranch horses.  I love watching them work moving horses and cattle across the vast landscape of the ranch and waiting patiently for their next job.  I even got the opportunity to do a little trail riding on a couple of these impressive horses!  The cowgirls on the ranch are some of the best horsewomen I've had the opportunity to meet.  It's a real pleasure to get to watch them at work wrangling herds and spending hours in the saddle training their horses.  


By far the best part of this experience was the time spent with fellow women equine photographers laughing and sharing in our mutual love of horses and photography.  My time at the Powderhorn Ranch is remembered with joy, freedom from my everyday life, and time spent doing what I love.  My creativity feels alive and renewed each time I visit.  I can't wait to go back next year!  The following picture of me was provided by Carien Schippers of ImagEquine, an amazing equine photographer who I admire! 

ear scratching.jpg

To see more images from my time at the Powderhorn Ranch check out the Fast Horse Photography Facebook page.  I update all the time!  

Fast Horse Photography on the Cover of SmartPak!

So proud to have a Fast Horse Photography image on the cover of this month's SmartPak!  This image was captured at the Powderhorn Women's Retreat held at the Powderhorn Ranch in Wyoming by the Equine Photographers Network.  To see other images available for commercial or editorial use check them out on my Stock & Art page!  Thanks!    


Melanie & Savannah. Take Pictures With Your Horse In Your Wedding Dress!

Of course you have to have amazing pictures of your wedding day, but what about including your horse in images to remember this special time in your life?  Or at least getting some great pictures with your horse before sending that wedding dress off to the cleaners.  Melanie and Jerry said their vows in beautiful Savannah, GA but Melanie knew she also wanted to come back home and have an equine/equestrian photography session with her horse, Savannah.  Savannah and Melanie were beautiful together and the beach made the perfect backdrop for gorgeous soft images.  We even got some lovely images of Savannah playing in the surf! Melanie and Jerry have their images displayed on their wall in fine art metal and framed prints so they can remember this time in their life every day.  So don't just wear that dress once, wear it for a second time when you take pictures with your horse!